Jul 09

The Best Road Trip Apps for your Summer Adventure

road trip apps

Summer is finally here, and that means it’s time for that road trip you’ve been planning all year. Before you head out, though, download these great road trip apps and get ready to tackle the road like never before.


Navigating with a paper map might have its charms, but using a navigation app like Waze is the best way to find the quickest routes and to avoid traffic. The best thing about Waze is that other drivers update it in real time so you’ll know right away about any unexpected delays or detours.

Gas Buddy

GasBuddy is a road trip essential because it’s completely free and saves you money every time you use it. No matter where in the country you are, GasBuddy tracks your current location as find the cheapest gas prices near you so you don’t have to overpay at the pump, even far from home.


Highway driving might be convenient, but it can be difficult to know what you’re passing along the way. iExit, a free to use app for Android and iOS, tracks amenities at upcoming highway exits, making it easier to find food, lodging, and other points of interest you might otherwise miss.


While not specifically a driving app, Audible can transform even the most boring stretches of the road into a memorable time. With such a large collection of audiobooks, you’re sure to find something everyone will enjoy listening to during your next road trip.

To take a road trip, you need to have a car that’s in great shape; we recommend a full inspection before you head out of town. Visit us at Sunnyside Chevrolet and our service department will give your vehicle a thorough checkup to make sure it’s in the best possible condition.


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