Nov 15

5 Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Make the Drive Easier

Thanksgiving travel tips

Preparing for a family trip during this holiday season? These Thanksgiving travel tips will make the car ride as painless as possible and ensure that everyone gets to grandma’s house in good spirits.

Avoid High-Traffic Times

Cities across the U.S. see the worst traffic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays near rush hour, which makes them the worst days and times to leave out for a Thanksgiving-day excursion. Consider extending your vacation and showing up a few days earlier.

Fill Up Your Tank

This seems obvious, but the best way to avoid delays and keep things running smooth is to make sure your vehicle is filled up before you depart. Not having to stop for gas along the way is a bigtime difference-maker.

Be Prepared, but Travel Light

When it comes to packing your bags, it’s important to have a checklist while also not packing anything you don’t need. You should bring chargers, entertainment, and snacks for the car ride, and maybe only one extra outfit.

Plan Your Route

Check a map, online or off, so that you have a good idea of where you’re going. Plan for things like toll booths and bathroom breaks, too.

Don’t Drive Home on Sunday

People tend to spend the weekend with their family and then drive home the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that means roads are often congested on Sunday. If you can, try to schedule the drive back on a different day.

From all of us here at Sunnyside Chevrolet, we hope you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving!

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